ERIANE | 16y/o | Daydreamer ♥

* For my years of living, I've been doing a lot of shit that obviously hasn't made a huge impact in my life. Kind of confused with all the things in this crazy world and I sometimes don't give a fuck anymore. -_-

* 98% of my blog are reblogs, but I also post some things, mostly personal, using my native tongue. DEAL WITH IT. ;)

* I may not interact well with people but I can be here for you if ever you need someone to talk to. :) So don't be afraid to message me HERE :D


I am madly inlove with five (5) dorks.

✔ A DJ who loves the mirror.
✔ A leprechaun whose pot of gold is food.
✔ A swagmasta from Doncasta.
✔ A guy who eats his soup with a fork.
✔ A flirty, cheeky, curly - haired cat.

So you'll be seeing a lot of them here in my blog. :)